As promised, I have stepped away momentarily from my usual historical fiction and offer a story that has been nagging at me since 9/11.

A LONG WAY HOME is ready for reading.


Here is the blurb:

Meredith Haggerty survives years of her husband’s abuse by harboring a plan to escape when she can make it look as if she died. She grasps her chance at freedom on 9/11 when she survives the fall of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Heading to a new life in Mexico, her seatmate on the bus is Father Jacque Richelieu who convinces her to teach English at his community center on the Texas Rio Grande. She finds a home, but she discovers that she has not found herself.


For readers in the Austin area, Book People will feature A LONG WAY HOME at its Author Night on Sunday, May 3 at 5 pm.

I hope to see you there.  Mark your calendar, and if I have your email address, I’ll send reminders a few days in advance.

Love and thanks to my granddaughter––artist and art teacher Lori Lockhart––for the cover.

Happy reading and many thanks for your review on Amazon or Goodreads.


Cover by: Lori Lockhart