A Change of Pace

To my friends, family, and faithful readers,

I have been wrestling with the clock, which insists on offering a mere twenty-four hours in each day. I have argued with that digital monster, determined that I could beat it, certain that I don’t need to sleep more than a few hours, sure that I can accomplish all I dream of doing without giving up a single thing.

Bottom line: I want to write two books. One book is a collection of three years of weekly Texas history blogs. The other book is a prequel to Stein House, which I’m calling The Doctor’s Wife. (If you have read Stein House, you know Amelia is the doctor’s wife, and her story chronicles the exciting and tragic migration of thousands of Germans to the Texas coast beginning in the mid-1840s.) Both books are underway, but I am spending far too much time researching and writing the weekly Texas history blog and lecturing on a regular basis for several venues.

Some readers imagine that I harbor a library of information and simply spew out the details each week. Each blog requires at least a full day and often much more.

My plan is to take some time off from writing the weekly Texas history blog and devote more time to telling the Texas tale in a different format. I will try to keep my website up to date if you are curious about my progress. I appreciate your faithful reading, and as I write this I am already feeling sad. I hope to hear from you with best wishes. And I hope to see you again at this site.