Prestige Builders

Parents, when a child’s neighborhood prestige begins to decline, there are several measures that can be undertaken to immediately restore and ofttimes increase his social standings. Allowing your automobile to break down sufficiently to require wrecker-towing from your front door to the garage gives a real shot in the arm to your kid’s lagging image.  Hordes of children will gather from blocks away to watch the spectacle and then remain for hours bestowing envious questions on your kid and invitations to join their most intimate groups. When Father breaks a leg and must be in a cast to the hip and hauled around in a wheel chair, plan for the popularity to mount.  Not only do kids find Father fascinating in that position, they find his under-breath mumblings delightful. When Aunt Sarah comes to visit, tell your children she has a glass eye as a reminder not to stare.  They will not stare, but they will have many little visitors who will become very attracted to Aunt Sarah. The first time you discover evidence of mice and set a trap, a regular barrage of guests, many of whom you’ve never seen, will file respectfully past your loaded trap.  Rank strangers will stop  you in the grocery store and suggest various methods and exterminator services for pest control. Moving offers the monumental popularity device.  The entire family becomes a target for junior-size admiration.  Your garbage cans are raided for treasure and your shrubs are trampled by curious little people peeking in the windows of the rapidly-emptying house.  When the movers arrive, the real carnival atmosphere begins with your family as the main attraction.  The only drawback is that once established in the new neighborhood, the popularity thing begins again.