6 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Wife by Myra Hargrave McIlvain

  1. Hello! I am a 71 year-old retired attorney. Native Texan. German/English heritage. Great Grandfather on father’s side helped found Halletsville. His name was Hans Jakob Sporri. Americanized his name to “Speary”. His home is on North Main and Speary Street. Has a historical marker on it.

    Great-Great Grandfather on my mother’s side is George Bell Madeley from Tritiford, England. There is a website about him. He founded Egypt, Texas. The family grave site is fenced in and maintained by the State of Texas. Has a historical marker. There are three streets and one building in Conroe, Texas named Madeley.

    My maternal grandfather was one of George Bell’s grandson’s. His name was Zill Theodore Madeley. His wife, my grandmother, was Pearl Mae Madeley. Her maiden name was “Richey”, as in Richey Road, in Spring, Texas. Her sister married Emile Strack. They are also a big family in Spring, Texas. There is a Middle School in Spring named after Emile.

    I live in Alabama, where my wife is from. But my heart is in Texas. I have been doing some writing. Creative non-fiction. Based on stories I heard my grandparents tell. Would love to hear from you.

    William A. “Gus” Speary, Jr. 182 Cotton Lane Vincent, AL 35178 Phone: (832) 646-0290


    • You have mighty deep roots in Texas. It’s good to hear you are writing stories based on your family’s tales. I have written about Margaret Hallett who gave the land for Hallettsville, but I’ll have to look up Hans Jakob Speary.
      You have introduced me to another Egypt, Texas, that I did not know about. The Egypt I have written about was settled in 1822 in present Wharton County, about 11 miles from Wharton. I’ll have to dig into the Egypt in Montgomery County.


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