I’ve decided to send this note to all my blogging friends.

Legacy is finally out in paper.  To take a look, click here:

Legacy is historic fiction set in 1945 in a Texas coastal town.   It is the story of a family in turmoil, told from the point-of-view of Miranda, age twelve, who struggles to protect the people she loves, understand the changes in her own body, and make sense of a world at war.

I’ve had a few readers ask if it is my story.  It is not.  I grew up in an apartment near downtown Houston.  My father was absent before the divorce.

My second historic fiction, a tale set in old Indianola the thriving Texas coastal town that blew away in the 1886 storm, is finished.  When the proofreader gets it back to me, I’ll try to figure out the next step.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragemnet.


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